7 Tips to Secure Your Apartment for Under £50

Most apartments are notoriously insecure. Some of the buildings haven’t even got decent security at their entrance to keep non-residents from getting into the building at all. But even in those cases, your actual apartment is completely overlooked. And most apartments don’t have that kind of security at all. So, what can you do to make sure you have a secure apartment?

The easiest way to keep intruders out is to make them believe that the trouble of breaking into your apartment is greater than the potential rewards. If they think there’s a good chance they’ll get caught, they’ll probably think twice and move on to somewhere else.

Here are some great tips for beefing up the security in your apartment and keeping would-be intruders out. The best part is each of these tips will cost you no more than £50!

Window Locks


Cost: Under £10

Time to Install: 1-15 minutes

In a lot of apartments, especially the ones at the ground floor or the first floor, the windows are some of the most vulnerable entry points. If your apartment has a fire escape or is on the ground level, access to your apartment through a window is easier than you think. In these cases, you may not even be able to put bars on your windows because they are considered a potential escape route in the case of a fire.

But windows have locks on them, right? So why worry?

Unless the windows in your apartment are rather new, chances are that they can be unlocked or even broken from the outside with a careful jiggle of the window.  That’s why I recommend adding another lock to your windows.

There are a ton of different types. Check out some of these options.

The Window Wedge – This one is like a wedge doorstop that just slides into the window track and holds your window shut.

Sliding Window Lock – This one works for sliding windows.  It clamps into place in the track and keeps the window from opening.  From the inside, it’s easy to remove, making your window still easily usable when you want to open it.

Burglar-Bar – This one actually sticks to the glass on your window.  It’s basically a little hinge that falls into place when you close your window automatically locking it.  It’s an interesting idea, for sure, but doesn’t seem as strong as the Sliding Window Lock.

There are numerous other windows locks you can buy. Some even require a key to unlock. I like having a lock that I can easily remove from the inside so that if I need to use the window to get out, I can in a matter of seconds.

Window Alarms


Cost: About £20 for a pack of 4

Time to Install: 5 minutes

If you don’t think the window locks are right for you, or if you’re concerned that they won’t do the trick, you might consider getting a window alarm on top of the locks.

They work just like the door and window alarms that you get from the security company, except that you don’t have to pay for monitoring, and the siren is built right into the sensor. One of the four sensors that comes in the kit also has the keypad to arm or disarm the system. So, when you’re home during the day and want to open your door or windows, just disarm the system and you’re free to open your windows.

These are easy to use and install, all you need to do is attach one side to your window (or door) and the other side to the frame and when your door or window opens, the siren goes off.

Unfortunately, this will not automatically call the police or the security company you have contract with if they are note specified to do so. But it will alert you and everyone around that someone has opened your window. And more importantly, it’s likely to scare off the intruder who won’t want to risk getting caught. 

Glass Break Alarms


Cost: About £12 (or buy 4 for about £25)

Time to Install: 2 minutes

What if an intruder decides to just break your window?

There are still options to keep them out, like bars on the window, or shatterproof film that makes it very hard to break the glass of your windows.

The only problem with these is that in an apartment complex or a rented property, you don’t always have the flexibility to make these kinds of semi-permanent changes.  If your management allows it, then I highly recommend the film, but if not, we can always go the alarm way.

I really like the Doberman vibration alarm. This ultra-slim alarm sticks right to your window and will detect vibrations. If someone tries to break your window, or even open it while the alarm is set, it will let you and your neighbours know. But when you want to open your window, just flip the switch to off.

Door Barricade


Cost: About £40

Time to Install: 1 minute

No matter what type of house you live in, you’re going to have a door, and that door is usually the most likely entry point of an intruder.

Usually, we think our doors are rather secure because you can lock them. When they’re locked you can’t turn the doorknob so nobody’s getting through, right? Wrong!

If you don’t have a deadbolt lock, your door will be extremely easy to break through. But even with a deadbolt, an intruder can easy use a bump key and unlock it, or just kick it in.  That’s why I really like door barricades.  A door barricade is a device that physically holds the door closed.  The best ones are actually bolted down, but this one is pretty inexpensive and doesn’t require any bolting, which is perfect for an apartment where you’re not allowed to drill holes in the floor.

Door Stop Alarm


Cost: About £7

Time to Install: 1 minute

If you don’t want to go the barricade route, or even if you just don’t want to use the barricade during the day when you’re going in and out, you might consider a door stop alarm.

The way this works is it sits on the floor and if the door opens, it pushes down a lever that sets off the alarm. These alarms will have the same effect as the window alarms I mentioned before. They’ll alert you that someone managed to get through your door. And more often, they’ll scare off the intruder. 

Dummy Security Camera


Cost: Under £5

Time to Install: 15 minutes

One great way to keep intruders out is to make them think that your apartment is high-risk to break into. They’ll see it as high-risk if they think they might get caught. Making them think you have a security system or security camera will usually do the trick.

This dummy security camera looks incredibly real and will catch the attention of would-be intruders.  It has a blinking LED light to indicate that it’s “on” and the battery lasts for months.

A dummy security camera obviously won’t do everything that a real one will, but it can have the same effect.  

Home Security Stickers


Cost: £8 for a whole pack

Time to Install: 1 minute

Like the dummy security camera, placing security system stickers on your door or windows is likely to convince intruders that your apartment isn’t the right one to break into.

If you installed a dummy security camera somewhere up high outside your apartment door and/or windows, then you’ve already gone a long way toward making your apartment seem high-risk for them.  But adding some stickers or decals like these will really seal the deal.

People who might not notice the camera are likely to notice the red sticker on your door, and then look up to see the camera.