General Home Security Measures

This article is written by PRO UK Locksmiths the 24h/7 Locksmiths near you. This is a General Home Security Guide which will cover a range of methods on how you can better protect your home.

Double Lock – Pro UK Locksmiths have mentioned these subject numerous times as it is such an effortless way to dramatically increase the security of your home. On UPVC and Composite doors, double locking your euro cylinder will activate the bolts and hooks keeping the door firmly in place. Double locking these doors will prevent popping and hooking attempts, while also dramatically strengthening the door against any brute force attack. On wooden doors ensure you lock your deadlock, this will make sliding the door impossible and reduce the risks of successful lock picking and bumping attempts and will also strengthen the door against a brute force attack.

Upgrade Your Locks – Let’s face it some locks are cheap and cheerful and can be picked in minutes or dried or snapped in seconds. Some locks are very flimsy and thus making you more vulnerable to a break in. We always recommend our customers have locks which meet British Standard 3621, these locks also have the highest security rating of 3 stars and are recommended by both Insurance companies and Police and Insurance companies. High quality locks from the outset have been designed to counter any attempt to bypass them.

Lock Your Windows – Around 30% of burglars break into your home using your windows. Ensure you have locks fitted to all of your windows especially those on the ground floor. While these are not foolproof they can deter a burglary.

Know The Neighbours – One of the best security measures you can take is to know your neighbors and ask them to keep an eye on your house and vice versa, like a mini neighbourhood watch. One of the primary reasons burglars are caught is due to neighbours reporting unusual or suspicious activity.

Install Home Security Systems – Research has continually shown homes without security systems such as an alarm are roughly 2 – 3 times more likely to be broken into. Alarms deter burglars by bringing audible attention to their crimes. There are a few different varieties of home alarm systems, the premium alarm will alert the police when activated. These alarms will also be wireless and may also include security cameras as well. If this is a little out of your price range you can purchase alarm systems from your local DIY store and install them yourself. For your sheds, garages and outbuildings a standalone alarm system is also a great and cheap alternative.

Keep the Outside of Your House Well Lit – Baddies don’t really like to be seen and they especially don’t like to be seen when they are breaking into a property. You can deny them darkness by installing motion sensor lighting to the front and back doors, as well as any ground floor windows if possible. Having a bright light suddenly illuminate the bad guy may scare them off and if it doesn’t scare them off it will show them to your neighbours.

Get a Dog – Having man’s best friend watch your back is always a good idea, while you shouldn’t get a dog just for this purpose it is an added bonus. Having a dog in your house will deter a burglar or criminals from trying to access your home. It may not be the fear of being attacked (which may be the main factor if you have a big dog such a Pitbull or Rottweiler) but the possibility of being caught due to the barking of the dog.

Careful With What You Show – Many thieves are purely opportunistic and breaking into homes may not be their usual day job. Which means they may be walking past your house one day and see something they like and they simply break in and take it. Ensure they cannot see the contents of your home by ensuring your windows are covered by blinds and curtains thus the contents of your home.

Avoid Unsolicited Help – A common scam criminals use is known as “imposter burglary” So a pair of scammers may turn up to your property offering a type of service such as painting, tree trimming or gardening etc etc. One may even lure you outside to discuss the trees for example, while the other one enters your home to steal something. The bottom line is if you didn’t call someone dont let them in. And if you do call someone, always do your research.

Watch What You Throw Away – One way criminals identify who is burgual is to look out for big cardboard boxes for appliances or expensive electrical goods. If you do make a new purchase of expensive goods it’s a good idea to cut up the cardboard packaging and either bag it up till rubbish collection day or take it straight down to the tip.

Keep Your Home In Tip Top Shape – Homes are much more likely to be broken into if they look unoccupied, so the lesson here is to ensure your home looks occupied. You can do this by keeping up to date on your property maintenance. Keep your grass cut and ensure you keep any shrubs or trees trimmed to eliminate any hiding space for a burglar.